The Duffie Family - Who We Are

The Duffie family has been responsible for much of the development in the Hillandale area for the past sixty years. 

We, together with local residents, have long enjoyed and suffered the ups and downs Hillandale has experienced and we share many in the community’s strong desire to bring new amenities and improvements to our area.  

In addition to owning and managing the Hillandale Shopping Center, we have also been responsible for significant re-investment into our community in recent years.  

  1. We have constructed the area's first privately held Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) GOLD certified office building [10001 New Hampshire Avenue];
  2. We are currently constructing the area's first LEED Platinum Certified hotel [Home2Suites by Hiton on Elton Road]; and 
  3. We have partnered with the Housing Opportunities Commission to redevelop the Holly Hall Apartments property into a vibrant mixed use, mixed income project [Hillandale Gateway].   

We are not interested in standing idly by while our local roads and their needs remain ignored and it is for that reason that we have chosen to act.  We hope that through this website accurate information can be disseminated and many of the questions shared by members of both the business and residential communities of Hillandale can be answered.