1. Widen Powder Mill West of New Hampshire Avenue


Allow vehicles from Holly Hall (to be redeveloped) and the ATU campus to exit more quickly thereby reducing the stoppage time on New Hampshire Avenue.

2. Lengthen the North Bound Right Turn from Powder Mill to New Hampshire


Allow the right turn to function properly by giving enough length for vehicles to actually access the lane thereby reducing the stoppage time on New Hampshire Avenue. 

3. Construct a "Slip Ramp"


Provide residents and employees originating from within Hillandale (South of Powder Mill Road) a safer and much more convenient route to I-495 West.  See "The Slip Ramp Explained".

4. Install Traffic Calming Measures on Elton Road.


To discourage speeding and unsafe driving on Elton Road and to protect pedestrians who wish to cross Elton Road.  A combination of narrowing the road, installing a speed table and center median will effectively slow traffic.

 In recognition of the fact that "cut through" traffic is an existing issue important to the community, the developer of the Home2Suites has proposed to install the Elton Road calming measures FIRST.  Importantly, calming measures alone do not qualify for crediting under either the LATIP or Transportation Impact Tax guidelines.  Only improvements which increase capacity are eligible.  The proposed calming measures are being made eligible only because they are being proposed in conjunction with and as a functional part of the "slip ramp".   In other words, without the "slip ramp" the calming measures can not be installed as part of either the LATIP or Transportation Impact Tax programs. 

5. Consolidate North Bound Bus Stops along New Hampshire Avenue


To simplify unsafe movements (i.e. vehicles trying to navigate around a bus) and further avoid congestion at the New Hampshire Avenue/Powder Mill Road Intersection the Northern and Southern bus stops should be combined.  Buses stopped prior to Powder Mill cause delay and encourage drivers to find alternative routes (i.e. "cut through" the neighborhood).

Calming and Preventing Cut-Through.

Narrowing Techniques

Narrowing lanes slows vehicles.  Particularly effective when combined with center medians.

Narrowing lanes slows vehicles.  Particularly effective when combined with center medians.

A Speed Table


An elevated pedestrian crossing that slows traffic (an aggressive speed bump).

Center Median


Forces vehicles to shift their path of travel toward the curb.  Particularly effective when combined with narrowing.

Restrictive Signage


Work will need to be done in Prince Georges County to discourage vehicles from using Wooded Way to access the new ramp.

Even More Restrictive Signage


Should less restrictive signage options prove ineffective, Wooded Way could be designated "One Way" headed East between Green Forest Drive and Riggs Road.